Shiloh Baptist Church

  The Place Of Rest For Souls Distressed 
24 Kay Street, Rossville, GA  30741     (706) 861-4359

Good morning once again, and welcome to Shiloh Baptist Church.  I pray today will be a wonderful, spiritual experience for us all as we meet together to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We would like to welcome our Missionaries from Albania, Brother Fredi & Mrs. Prenda Zefi and their children.  It is so good to have you all back with us.  And, may I say that they are doing a great job in Albania with Hope For The World Ministries.  Pray for them as they share with us about their ministry there.

Let me remind you all that next Sunday, August 26th, will be our annual Homecoming Day at Shiloh.  This is a great time to invite your friends to come and share this special day with you and, also, get acquainted with our church family.  Remember to bring lunch for your family and guests, and then we will share it all together after our morning worship service.

It was exciting for me last Wednesday night to have the opportunity to visit the different Bible Studies, our Youth, and small group ministries going on around our campus.  I think this is the first time I have been able to visit with them all.  Thanks to Brother David Jones & Brother Mark Napier for making it possible for me to go out and greet all the different ministries.  Thanks for the great job they always do when I am away.

What a great time we ALL have each Wednesday night.  If you are not attending, this would be a great time to start.  See you this Wednesday!

Please continue to pray for each other, for all our leaders.  Pray for those going back to school, whether elementary, middle school, high school, or college.  Pray for our students and teachers.  Also, refer to the Prayer List in our bulletin for all the names there.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support for your Pastors and our families.  We need them so much!!  We love you all very much.

Your Shepherd,
Pastor Paul
August 19, 2018